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The guy caught her attention quickly. He was some kind of hunk with black hair and a set of brilliant green eyes that looked as if they could penetrate her soul. His stare caught and held her wide violet eyes. She knew believing he could penetrate her soul was a crazy notion, but an odd sensation overwhelmed her. Not only was he a hunk, his broad chest and narrow hips drew her eyes almost compulsively to his muscled body.
Something clicked in her that sent her senses reeling. The man had an unshaven look, but this added to his attractiveness. She felt a tingling sensation filling her body as she lifted her note pad to take his order.
“Can I suggest tonight’s special? “She asked meeting his silent stare again.
“And what might that be,” his deep rich voice was almost her undoing. The crazy notion that she wanted to hear it again filled her.
“Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with a salad,” she managed to say, looking down.
She’d never been shy in her life, but there was something happening to her that she couldn’t explain. He only had to look at her to send her pulse sky high and her heart beating like a trip hammer. This wasn’t like her at all and she silently told herself to get a grip.
“Sounds delicious,” he murmured handing her back the menu. “By the way, I’m Luke Sanders and you are?”
She hesitated for a moment before answering. She didn’t know this man, but he did look trustworthy. “Raven Malone,” her voice came out low and husky owing to her emotional state.
“What a beautiful name,” he said eyeing the rosy cheeks she now sported. “Did I embarrass you by asking?”
“Oh no,” she answered silently telling herself to settle down.
“What are you doing after work tonight, Raven Malone?”
“I’m heading across town with my friend Jackie. She’s working the other side of the diner tonight.”
“I know Jackie,” he told her. “She usually waits on me when I get a chance to drop by.”
“We changed sections is how I’m your waitress.”
“You might think I’m pushy, but I’d like to invite you out for a drink,” he suggested.
She’d like nothing better than to go with Luke for a drink, but she had already promised Jackie to hang out with her. “I’d love to take you up on your offer, but Jackie invited me to go with her to a party later on. She knows this guy who is having a crowd drop by his loft tonight.”
“Maybe I can catch you on another night.”
“That sounds like fun,” she murmured scribbling down his order before walking toward the open window to drop the paper off.
She could have kicked herself for accepting Jackie’s offer for tonight. The man watching her from across the room did things to her that she felt from her head to her toes. Something about him resonated through her bringing a hot sensation surging through her.
When she had his order in hand, Raven walked slowly across the room balancing the tray with his food and drink on it. When she reached his table, she removed his plate and drink keeping her eyes lowered. Eventually, she glanced up to find him watching her.
“What about tomorrow night?” he threw out the question to her breaking the silence between them.
She didn’t want to appear too eager, but she wasn’t about to turn him down. “I’m off tomorrow night, so what time did you have in mind?”
“Let’s say we grab a bite to eat and then have that drink. Say about seven.”
“That sounds good to me,” she murmured while picking up the tray and ready to make her departure to wait on another customer.
“Hold on a minute,” he said with a deep chuckle, the sound sending tingling sensations through her body listening to him. “I don’t have a telephone number or an address. I won’t know where to pick you up.”
Raven laughed nervously. “Sorry about that.” She used the pad for orders and jotted down her telephone number and address. “Here you go.”
“Thanks,” he said tucking the paper into his shirt pocket. “If I don’t see you before I leave, I’ll be on your doorstep at seven tomorrow night.”

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Mary Suzanne
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