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Light a match in a dark room and watch as the light
instantly overcomes the darkness. Observe the power, energy
and grace of that single, solitary fl ame dancing with life.
Now light several candles or kindle a fi re and experience
the added warmth and comfort extending from that fi rst,
vulnerable fl ame through others. This is the heart and soul of
leadership the essence of inspiring people and awakening
the spirit in work. Sage Leadership is about courageously
casting off fear, doubt and limiting beliefs and giving people
a sense of hope, optimism and accomplishment. It is about
inspiring others by being in-Spirit. When you fi nish this
book, you will no longer see things as you see them now. You
will see the world with higher awareness and new light, the
light of sage leadership.

Book Review

In his latest book, John J. Murphy presents the reader with eighteen characteristics of sage leadership and highlights the skills necessary to transform company cultures and turn around inefficient operations. He opens by defining sage leadership as demonstrating and teaching ageless wisdom, spiritual virtue, and timeless, universal truth that connect with people at the soul level.

According to Murphy, sage leadership requires an understanding of the role of Source Energy to create an environment where people work together for a common goal; a transition from me to we thinking. Like the cells that make up our body, we are meant to work in harmony with one another for a greater good, he writes.

Murphy develops his theory by creating building blocks to effective leadership. Leaders, he believes, must embrace characteristics like power, grace, integrity, and discipline. Each characteristic builds on the previous, leads to the next, and is based on the belief that people are spiritual beings who require clear thinking to develop understanding, self-motivation, respect, and responsibility. To develop teamwork in an organization, each member must understand and love differences in personality. We need one another, and we are wise to accept thisThe hostile teach us peace. The loud teach us quiet. The hurried teach us patience. The hateful teach us loveContrast gives us a perfect, balanced world.

In each chapter, Murphy defines the individual characteristics, discusses why they are important, and how they can be implemented. He offers ten ideas to practice and ends each chapter by challenging the reader to reflect upon his own values, strengths, and goals.

Murphys writing style is clear and concise. As he discusses business process improvements, such as Lean Six Sigma, he thoroughly explains the terms and concepts. His disciplined, structured approach offers comfort and understanding in a well-organized format.

Murphy is a prolific author with ten business improvement books to his credit. He is a business consultant, leadership coach, public speaker, and the founder of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in improving work cultures. In each of his books, he teaches that true cultural change begins with spiritual wisdom and development.

Sage Leadership is a step-by-step blueprint for business owners, executives, and team leaders. Its the kind of book that the reader will refer to often to renew his or her awareness and develop fresh ideas to inspire others.

Pat McGrath Avery

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