Self-Care is Essential Self-Care is Essential

Self-Care is Essential

A Personal Resiliency Program for Healthcare Professionals, First Responders & O ther Caregivers

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Descripción editorial

Explores simple and meaningful self-care techniques to positively shift and benefit the lives who need it the most and often forget to take care of themselves: caregivers and essential workers.

Wellness and self-care do not have to be overwhelming, expensive, or complicated nor do they need to revolve around consumption. Especially for essential workers and caregivers, time and energy are precious.

The main goal for this book is to build up one's resilience, leaving them supported, prepared and ready to walk through life more present, and more importantly, feeling better, emotionally, and physically, as well as to lead each day with mindful consciousness.

The book features science-backed research and time-tested ways to improve emotional, spiritual, and physical health, helping readers become the best version of themselves. Essentially, the book helps those who have been used to helping others and ignoring their own needs for so long.

Some of the benefits contained inside include:
The power of taking time for yourself and practicing self-careStress-reduction techniquesHow to eliminate distractionsTime management skillsStrategies to lower anxietyInstructions for at-home yogaPrimer on self-reflection, meditation and mindfulnessTips for coping and motivation
This book aims to break the cycle, motivate, and excite you to start your self-care journey. Learn how to take responsibility for your own life, as well discovering the tools needed to live a fulfilled lifestyle of ease, grace, and joy.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
17 de septiembre
Hatherleigh Press
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