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Tamson House in downtown Ottawa is a place of hidden power, for the House is a door to other lands where Celtic and native American magicks mingle and leak into our own. Magic breathes in the walls of the House, mystery sleeps in its enclosed garden. Leylines rest beneath its foundations, and inside its rooms Weirdin discs are thrown into patterns that speak of the distant past and the shadowed future to come.

The House takes up a entire city block and yet is even larger than it seems, for rooms appear and disappear and the twisty overgrown garden paths lead to a vast and primal Wood that no city streets have ever contained. There is something dark within that Wood, threatening the existence of Tamson House and all who dwell within it. Three green children hang from a tree; a coyote man waits in the moonless dark, the Autumn Lady carries her heavy gift; shadows are lost; the Westlin Wind sings; and old spirits wake and walk between worlds.

Whether you are returning to the halls of Tamson House, or entering its doors for the very first time, prepare yourself for wonders and terrors and enchantments dark and bright, where modern characters and old spirits meet and walk between worlds, and ultimately, wage a battle that threatens the existence of Tamson House—a strange, rambling old house and haven for artists, musicians, writers and others: Blue, the biker; Emma, the Autumn Lady; Esmeralda, the Westlin Wind; and a host of other unforgettable characters.

Spiritwalk is the sequel to the classic Moonheart. This edition features a new afterword by the author.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
octubre 16
Charles de Lint
Smashwords, Inc.

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