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After initial revelations in The Star Table Trance Missions of Julie and Ted's lifelong contactee experiences (they are Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids with ET fathers), they move beyond the Star Table towards aspects of the genesis of Earthly humankind from the region of the great Central Sun Sirius in this second volume of the Five Star Series. There was a great cosmic incident in that system around 250,000 years ago in which a nearby nova explosion required the handful of inhabited planets to be evacuated en-masse, which they were, just in time. The Sirians don't want us to call this a “diaspora,” even though all their ancient planets were severely damaged and became uninhabitable, as they have remained. What happened to the Sirian refugees who migrated out into the cosmos on the great mother transport ships? They went in all directions, and some came to Earth, their influences remaining evident even today, particularly in ancient Egypt.

According to Julie, the Sirians appear to be a bit more advanced than the Pleiadians and more detached from the physical aspect of existence. Julie and Ted are shown some of their past lives in the pre-disaster era of Sirian planets in photo-realistic visualizations, which as usual, are immersively experienced by Julie and only sensed by Ted from high-frequency energies he can “hear” but cannot decode. Three space craft appear, the last in the final contact in which a small group of negotiators from the local Galactic Council, disembark with their smart lawn furniture from the Layer Cake" spacecraft for a brief "press conference" greeting to introduce their mission: they are here to conduct a peace process with governance leadership on Earth, which has already begun. So, get ready to be beamed up with Julie & Ted and their animals for adventures beyond anything you—or they—could have imagined.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
marzo 15
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