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“People drink coffee on the go; you take a moment for tea.”

Teatime in Ireland pays tribute to the delightful ritual of “taking tea,” both formal and informal, and invites you on a tasting tour of Ireland where tea-drinking serves as a symbol of hospitality, friendship, and pleasure. From her first visit in 1984, Margaret Johnson has forged an indelible bond with Ireland and Irish food, and she shares her continued passion in her latest cookbook devoted to the special relationship Irish people have with tea. You’ll learn a bit of Irish tea history; be amazed that not even the Easter Rising could keep the ladies of Dublin from their tea and cakes; and discover a treasure trove of recipes for hosting your own special occasion afternoon tea. From homespun recipes like Egg and Tomato Sandwiches and Buttermilk Scones to more ambitious sweets such as Battenberg Cake and Millionaire’s Shortbread, Teatime in Ireland provides a delicious culinary and cultural experience.  From country castles and Kerry kitchens to casual tearooms and Dublin drawing rooms, this colorful collection offers more than seventy recipes that will take you seamlessly from a morning cuppa to an afternoon tea party. Bain taitneamh as do bhéile . . . Bon appétit!

Praise for Teatime in Ireland

“Pull up a chair, pour yourself a steaming cup of your favorite tea, and then settle in for a feast for the taste buds as well as the eyes. From custards to creams, cakes to éclairs and dainty sandwiches to tartines, Margaret Johnson’s latest cookbook is an encyclopedic, lavishly illustrated journey through the celebrated custom of teatime in Ireland. Learn the fascinating history behind Ireland’s iconic beverage, the time-honored repast that complements it, and learn about the shops, hotels, and castles that do it best. Teatime in Ireland is essential reading and a valuable addition to your cookbook collection.”  


Editor, irishphiladelphia.com

“Teatime in Ireland is Margaret Johnson's most glorious book yet. Full of rich history and traditional sayings, every page will make you want to put on a kettle of water to make a rich, soul-satisfying brew. Visit legendary tea spots through her pages or create your own specialties for friends and family. There is absolutely no better way to create a bit of peace and joy in your day.”


CEO & Founder, Intermezzo Magazine

“Margaret Johnson’s Teatime in Ireland brings us the best of Irish cooking with a visual presentation of Ireland that creates a longing for home. And this latest volume, like its predecessors, is literate and entertaining, as well as informative and practical.” 


Arts Editor, Irish Echo Newspaper

“With her latest book, Teatime in Ireland, Margaret Johnson proves again to be one of Irish gastronomy’s most fervent, accomplished, and artful ambassadors. She presents scores of recipes—and stories—each practically arranged, sourced, and delicious, along with lustrous photos that literally beckon the appetite. For this reader, at least, the book now stands as the definitive guide to the rich culture of Irish tea rooms. Indeed, as the book highlights, what other ritual could inspire its devotees to their cupán tea at Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel on Easter Monday 1916, as the bullets flew in and around them!”


Editorial Director, thewildgeese.irish Social Network

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