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I entered high school at a measly 100 lbs soaking wet, bullied by the bigger kids and rejected by all the girls. By the second year I'd had enough, so I bought my first Weider weight set and set out to pack on some much needed muscle. By grade 11 I'd made some great strength gains, even earning the moniker "The 110lb Hulk" by the football players in school gym. Unfortunately no man has ever dreamed of weighing in at 110 lbs. Still bullied and rejected by women, I tried in vain, but just couldn't seem to pack on any more size despite giving everything I had in the weight room.

I turned to many in the fitness industry for help, but everywhere I went I found dead ends and misinformation. Deciding that enough was enough, I packed my bookshelf with volumes on bodybuilding, fat loss, and nutrition. It wasn't easy, but after applying much of what I had learned, I was able to gain 10 lbs of muscle in that first year. By the second year I had learned even more and was able to add another 10 lbs. I continued this trend for a few years until I finally weighed in at 175 lbs of lean muscle - all natural thanks to a solid exercise and nutritional plan and none of the fluff that the fitness industry would have you believe is necessary for success.

After winning one of the coveted transformation contests, I received literally thousands of emails from other hardgainers, and from people just wanting to get into shape. Out of that came this book - more than 2 years of writing, packed with everything I had learned in 4 hard years including:

- Mastering your mental game
- Bodybuilding and bulking science
- All of the exercises I used to achieve my transformation (with complete diagrams!)
- The science of fat loss (cutting)
- Bulking and cutting
- Nutrition - The largest part of this book
- 3 progressive bulking routines!
- 2 progressive cutting routines!
- 3 bulking diets!
- 3 cutting diets!
- 13 of my low-cost, low-preparation time recipes!

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11 de marzo
Benjamin Pierce
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