The Art of Schmearing: The Rise of Bitch and the Fall of Man The Art of Schmearing: The Rise of Bitch and the Fall of Man

The Art of Schmearing: The Rise of Bitch and the Fall of Man

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The Art of Schmearing is really a game of elimination. The game could be taught to even the youngest children and it creates an atmosphere where innocent people could be targeted. Why you may ask? Well it's the phenomenon of the civil war created by a culture of jealousies, with grouping behavior and no honor. The Art of Schmearing is really a program of operating to take territory and the identity politics within the operative is socially manifested by jealousies and victimhood. The book is meant to question the mode of operation of ethnic cultural racism Jewish projection's effect on American society. It's also meant to raise awareness to the treatment of individuals out of group operating. The intent of the first part of the series is to discredit he idea that white people are the world's primary example of racism, by exposing how racism is exploited for attacks on individuals' liberty from groups holding on to identity. The book also attempts to explain how innocent people of your own group are victims as well, once the identity operative is in place.

It's all explained from Billie T's perspective in his observations and social contacts in the world of the identity war. The theory Billie T has is that politicizing identity hs created a model that is negative and destructive to Americans, Jews, Gentiles, and everyone. In The Art of Schmearing, the idea is to point out the areas that could create negative behavior that splits families and creates an atmosphere where conflict never ends, because everyone becomes a bitch. The bitch basically won't allow anyone to be better than them, while they have vengeance and take advantage of opportunities to project their destructive behavior. It's all here in Part One: The Rise of Bitch and the Fall of Man.

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