The Coronation Party

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Get ready for a novel that's fit for a queen...

"Entirely charming and utterly joyful" TRISHA ASHLEY


Spring, 1953. The sun is shining on Little Green Street, the bunting is being brought out, and Britain is getting ready to crown its new Queen.

For Helen Jones, whose own father died on the same day as the old king, the coronation might just represent a fresh start. Her husband Tad, organiser of the local street party, is determined to put a smile back on her face.

Whereas for Emyln Hughes, who has secretly admired beautiful single mother Nancy for years, the sudden festive spirit might just be the prompt he needs to finally confess his feelings.

As the cakes are baked and the national anthem is rehearsed, the street is finally ready to cast aside the shadow of war for a moment of true joy.

But Emlyn and Tad's plans are shaken by the arrival of an unexpected letter and an unwelcome guest. As old secrets threaten to ruin their new starts, only the power of good neighbours and kind hearts can keep the street together - and make sure they have a party that's fit for a Queen...

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