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After the devastating loss of their only son, twelve-year-old Stephen to a horrific suicide, and their anguish compounded when they learn that someone also molested him, Kate and Clive Jessap start their search for answers at his private Catholic school in the Hollywood Hills. 

The detective on the case questions all of the teachers and students, except Father Toby, Stephen's mentor, who is missing. The church is unwilling to divulge his whereabouts and the detective suspects that he has gone back to Rome. With no jurisdiction in Rome and being fully aware of the Vatican's ranking effectively above the law, the detective acknowledges there is no more he can do.

The Jessaps however, are determined to get to the bottom of what happened and go to Rome where they team up with Kate's brother. The priest they trailed there is murdered but not before, he shares information that leads to ancient documents and a written confession. 

With the unearthing of these documents, Kate, Clive and Sean find themselves caught in a web of lies, deceit and illegal activities linking the Vatican, Mafia and the American Embassy. Determined to get justice, they set out with relentless fervor to untangle the intrigues. Those who seek to keep the secrets will stop at nothing, including murdering anyone that threatens their power. The Jessaps find themselves on that list and must outwit and survive their enemies, while they face the dilemma of what to do with secrets that could shake the Vatican to its core and change the face of Christianity forever.

About the Author - William Walker was born in the north of England, the son of a coal miner. He finished his formal education at age fifteen and left home at seventeen, after his mother's passing to make his way in the worlds. His journey took him to London, where he founded a computer distribution company. His life experiences and insatiable curiosity propelled him to commercial success in the U.K., culminating in moves to Belgium, Spain and Italy. He eventually moved to Beverly Hills, California and joined the Catholic faith. For years, he was a lay minister, volunteering to counsel patients at a large local hospital. He now resides in West Hollywood, but makes frequent trips to Europe for business interests and to visit his family. 

Though The Gospel Truth is a novel, it would be inaccurate to call it complete fiction. The experiences William gained on his journey through life equipped him with the knowledge and understanding, to weave together such a fascinating tale, blending imagination and reality in such a way that it is often left to the reader to determine which is which. The book raises many questions about the world we live in and the basis of faith. "This is a must-read novel on many levels, from the first page to the final revelation," William reveals, "and as I writing it, there were times that I was convinced I was not the absolute source."

He enjoys traveling to experience different cultures, lying in the sun, working out, good movies and has a passion for European soccer. His favorite team is Chelsea. His hobbies include painting with oil paints and he has recently become an avid billiards player. He is currently working on his next thriller.

Keywords: Mystery Thriller, Pope, Suspense Thriller, Action Adventure, Murder Mystery, Fiction, The Vatican, Mafia, Crime Thriller, Justice, Hitman

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