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Alexander Von Rossen is the last of a lineage of Guides of Time. He belongs to an ancient civilisation that evolved underground and has been guiding mankind since the beginning of time. Their mission is to take humans to a higher state of knowledge and throughout the centuries, from Archimedes to Einstein, they have inspired breakthrough scientific discoveries.
But not all the Guides have the same objective, some want to keep humans in the dark to control and enslave them.
Book I explains the story of this mysterious race and how it influenced key scientific discoveries. It ends with the encounter between Alexander and Ariane Claret, a young woman with an extraordinary talent for music whose destiny is mysteriously intertwined with Alexander’s.
In Book II, the forces of evil are closing in, trying to avoid at any cost a scientific discovery that will undermine those who wish to control human hearts and minds for their own benefit. Alexander has to accomplish his final mission, but he faces an unexpected challenge: the feelings Ariane produces in him.
In Book III the astonishing discovery made at CERN, the particle physics laboratory, will change the whole idea of life and death, but will also threaten those who exploit mankind's fears for their own benefit. The final battle between Alexander and his sworn enemy, Zardoff, is inevitable, as Ariane struggles to accept Alexander's extraordinary story.

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Ciencia ficción y fantasía
septiembre 25
Cinzia De Santis
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