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This book is about the achievements of Jose Silva whose investigative mind became attracted to the study of the evolution of humanity.
Silva reviewed human history and found many ups and downs. He noted that at a time when humanity was progressing very well, a war would break out, setting humanity back.
In technology, humanity has been progressing steadily, but even while doing so, it was losing humaneness, Silva says. He means that human intelligence was gaining in the objective, physical, dimension, but at the same time, was losing in the subjective, spiritual, dimension.
The mind and soul reside in a subjective, spiritual, dimension, Silva says, while the brain and body reside in the objective, physical, dimension.
Recent research reveals that:
*The human left brain hemisphere is associated with the physical dimension, and is used for taking action.
*The human right brain hemisphere is associated with the spiritual dimension, and is intended to be used for thinking, for analyzing information, and for making decisions.
But most human beings, approximately 90 percent, use the left brain hemisphere for both thinking and acting.
His research revealed that the ten percent who use the right brain hemisphere for thinking and the left brain hemisphere for acting are healthier, luckier, and more successful than those who use only the left brain hemisphere for both thinking and acting.
It took Silva 22 years of scientific research to find a way to teach people to use the information stored in the subconscious.
This actually converted the subconscious into an "inner conscious" level, where we now have access to information previously unavailable to us.
In this book, you can see for yourself the similarities of the benefits derived from using the Systems that Jose Silva developed, compared to the Biblical account of the benefits of using the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.
"What I did," Silva explains, "was to take the writings of each author in the Bible and put those writing to a scientific test, then evaluate the results.
"So what I have done, right or wrong, is to take information, a little bit at a time, and test it by trying to use it to solve existing problems with it."
If the information could not be used to correct problems, then it was useless information and had no value as far as he was concerned.
He concludes, "The truthful truth is only that which, when applied, solves problems. This applies to all information, regardless of where it comes from and regardless of how new or old it is."
This book goes into detail about Silva's research and his conclusions.
It also includes a scientific way to pray, to communicate regularly and reliably with higher intelligence to help you solve problems and improve living conditions on planet earth.

Religión y espiritualidad
junio 25
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