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Do you sometimes resent your twin and then feel guilty about it? Are you frustrated that no one understands what it’s like to be a twin? People think being a twin is mysterious, fun, and magical, but in reality, twin relationships can be difficult to navigate.

The Same but Different offers insights on and solutions to the challenges that arise when young adult twins are expected to be independent, self-assured “singletons” after having been raised as twins. Written to help twins, their families, and significant others interested in understanding more about the intricacies of adult twin relationships, this book

• Instructs twins how to have an honest and authentic relationship

• Explains why twins may feel disappointed about friendships that do not match the twin connection

• Reveals how influential twin connections are in the choice of a spouse, profession, and place to live

• Offers tips and strategies to navigate the issues of separation, individuality, and codependence

• Provides insight and understanding to families and significant others coping with twin struggles

“Presents a stunning, in-depth look at the lives of adult twins as they face the twin challenges of closeness and independence, love and resentment in their evolving relations with each other.”

—Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Professor of Psychology, CSU Fullerton, and author of Born Together—Reared Apart and Someone Else’s Twin

“Shows adult twins how to ‘out their feelings’ about their twinship . . . explore them in a healthy manner, and deal with their twin issues so they can pursue more independent and fulfilling lives.”

—Susan M. Heim, blogger and author of It’s Twins! and Twice the Love, and coauthor of Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power

“Joan Friedman does it again! Her new book bursts open the doors on the emotional struggles and triumphs of twinship . . . This book is a must-read for any twin, as well as any parent of twins.”

—Natalie Diaz, founder of Twiniversity and author of What to Do When You’re Having Two

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