The Science of Religion

A Framework for Peace

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Author Howard Barry Schatz, a computer specialist, classically trained composer, and music theorist, has spent the last 40 years deciphering the riddles within monotheism’s oldest and most mysterious sacred text, the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation). These are the only writings attributed to the great patriarch Abraham by the Orthodox Jewish community, and within that community they are the seminal writings on monotheism and Kabbalah. In his new book, The Science of Religion: A Framework for Peace, the author has uncovered an important mathematical table within Abraham’s text that can best be described as the Rosetta Stone for Scripture. When this table is interpreted as music theory, Abraham defines monotheism’s God in terms of a harmonic series. This interpretation reveals how 10 vibrations uttered by the “Voice of God” descend into matter to become the inner vibrational essence and substance of God and Creation, of the 10 Commandments, the 10 Plagues, the 10 generations from Adam to Noah, and the 10 generations from Noah to Abraham. This long lost “Blueprint of Creation” is encrypted within the Holiest Name of God, Yahweh. Freemasons believe that this Blueprint of Creation was once understood by mankind not just for the purpose of understanding how to construct sacred edifices like Solomon’s Temple and Saint Peter’s Cathedral, but for civilization to embrace God’s Intelligent Design. Armed with an understanding of this mathematical Blueprint, the author takes us on a journey through time as he rediscovers the cradle of religion and science that has always eluded scholars. The author provides evidence that harmonic string theory is the language of God that will prove to be the “theory of everything” for both religion and science. Rediscovering the science of religion opens the door to a profound global conversation powerful enough to tear down the walls of dogmatic fundamentalism that separate today’s major religions.

Religión y espiritualidad
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