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Lilly has been working hard at her job, a single mother with a teenage daughter, her determination leading to her successes in recent years. That's why this year getting to host the company Halloween party is a big deal. Usually it's only upper management that gets to host such events but with her recent promotion to senior associate after years of dedication, Lilly knows this is her year.

Everything is going smoothly, all the decorations tasteful and classy but seasonably spooky, and in around an hour the guests will be arriving. So many important men from the company will be there, two of the top tier bosses as well as the CEO's son, and Lilly has spared no details to make this the perfect party. But for Lilly one of those details may come back to haunt her this Halloween as a last minute delivery has her perfect final touches in place... final touches that just may end up touching her.

Having arranged that her daughter spend the night with friends, Lilly has the house to herself for the party, and the last minute delivery is something she saw online, some custom made treats. Every Halloween party needs treats she thought, and a place online called Trance-tory Treats seemed to offer just what she wanted.

She was able to choose the flavor mixes, the appearance, and the colors, and custom order one hundred lollipops branded for her occasion as Lilly Pops, each one having her name on them. With everyone being able to take home a Lilly Pop there was no way this party would be easily forgotten and she would have earned even more respect and hopefully future advancement in the company.

Nut when Lilly decides to taste one of the Lilly Pops to make sure her custom chosen flavor mix isn't unpleasant, she gets a most intensely pleasurable surprise. Each and every lick feels like she's somehow actually licking herself... like she's bringing on her own orgasm. And very soon Lilly is cumming her brains out and completely reconsidering what she wears and how she will act at her intended to be classy office affair.

Just what will happen when the guests arrive? What will Lilly decide to wear? And how c*m dumb can a girl get with ninety-nine more Lilly Pops ready to lick, each lick like the most intense touch ever right to her inner most pleasure?

Halloween with the Kreme reminds readers to always check your candy... because you never know what licking strange candy may do to you or a co-worker.

Ficción y literatura
octubre 18
Kris Kreme
Smashwords, Inc.

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