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Table of Contents

Eye problem Symptoms
How Does Vision Work
Common Ailments Due To Age
Common Eye Ailments in Children
Myopia – Shortsightedness
Hypermetropia – Also Known As Hyperopia – Long Sightedness
Strabismus – crossed Eyes
Amblyopia [Lazy Eye]
Eye Exercises
Index Finger Exercise
Tips and Techniques for Healthy Eyes
Proper Diet
Prevention tips
Proper Reading Habits
Watching Television
Working on Your Computer
While Driving
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Eyes are one of the most precious gifts given to us by Mother Nature, but being human we have the tendency of neglecting them. That is because we have taken this gift for granted. This book is going to give you guidelines for keeping your eyes healthy, and full of vigor.

You may have read a large number of articles, in journals about eyes, and most of them are going to concentrate more about how you can beautify these windows to your soul. However, what is the use of all those artificial cosmetic enhancers, applied on your eyes, when you find your vision blurry, your eyes aching, and headaches brought about due to eyestrain?

Most of us tend to neglect the health of our eyes and take them, as I said for granted because we are so used to using them that we do not bother much about their general health. The moment they start aching, we rub them and go to the Internet to see for any remedies, which are going to stop them aching. And then we apply slices of cucumber or tea bags to those eyes, which are tired in a measure to refresh them.

Look at us, we have reached the stage when the eyes are strained and tired. Instead of shutting down that strenuous work before we reach that particular stage, we allow them to start aching, accompanied with headaches. Then we place ourselves on the nearest bed, with cucumber slices, teabags, ice packs, or anything else to give our eyes a bit of rest.

By the age of 40, we start finding ourselves confronted with vision problems. That is the time we are going to make our rounds of the ophthalmologist, and perhaps an eye specialist, who is going to tell us that we need corrective spectacles. We are either suffering from myopia – short sight- or hyperopia, – long sight.

And then you put on your prescription glasses or perhaps contact lenses. And you remember to key in the number of that shop which sells you your glasses, on your cell phone because you do not know when you would need another pair and when.

The fact is that the care of our eyes and vision should have begun much earlier. Our eyes are our most precious assets, and looking after them could make the crucial difference between good eyesight and a blurred one.

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