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“We are Geometry”… is a manuscript that only wants to awaken in the reader “the curiosity” to explore a little beyond the conventional…, to compare what is known today with what was known thousands of years ago without us knowing…, to see Egypt, its history and its pyramids with the eyes of the Divinity of Creation…, to open up to the possibility that we are what we were and what we will be thanks to a codified pattern of creation that determines the fundamental forms of our existence in space and time…, to experience that beyond what we know as mind and of what we feel as emotions there is a dynamic force that transcends not only what is known, but what we do not know that we do not know about our essence and of our capabilities…

“We are Geometry” is to make an attempt to see ourselves with the language of the Universe…, to think that perhaps really the macrocosm and the microcosm are the same and that they are only different in the minds and hearts of the observer…

“We are Geometry” is perhaps “an appetizer” at the possibility of knowing how we are seen in the distance, in the time and in the non-time by observers with DNA functioning at their maximum potencies… who experience “quantum entanglement” with every intention that is generated in their consciences…

“We are Geometry” is about me, about you, about the one next to you and about the one who gets lost in the distance…, it's about “everyone”… making us be one and all simultaneously…

Thanks for venturing with me to continue reading what I will try to continue writing…

Salud, mente y cuerpo
16 de julio
Enrique A. Wulff
Enrique Wulff

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