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This manuscript began to be written on me… without me having it conscious..., when my daughter sent me the photograph that is on the cover of the manuscript with my first human grandson “Thiago”…, who is in the phase of his life, in where he spends all day in a “jacuzzi”… just sleeping, thinking and making his mother realize that he is inside her…

As I was staring at the photograph, the name of the manuscript appeared: “What can I tell you… Thiago?

Still, I had no idea that I was capable of trying to write a manuscript with this title, even though I have thousands of things that I would love to be able to say to Thiago…

Days later my son and my daughter sent me a photograph of them with my first grandson “Louka”; So, I copied it and placed it at the top of the page where I am going to try to start putting words together that manage to generate “a manuscript,” amid the emotion and feelings that invade me at the proximity of meeting in person Thiago.

As soon as I finish this prologue… I will begin an adventure to the rhythm of your reading… which at the moment I have no idea how it will turn out…, what I do feel in my intuition is that having generated the intention to write it… it will be passed from word to word, between emotion and emotion and through thought and thought…

Perhaps at the end of it we will be able to say: “it talked about everything and it didn't talk about anything”… but, perhaps in our hearts and in our minds we feel that “nothing was talked about in order to have the feeling that everything was talked about”…

Thank you so much for launching with me on this adventure that is about to begin…

Salud, mente y cuerpo
25 de agosto
Enrique A. Wulff
Enrique Wulff

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