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On the 19th of November 2010 I began using WORDPRESS as “digital paper” to centrally store and edit my rhymes and I promptly digitized nine of my poems which had managed to survive till that point.
“Jezebel” was one of those rhymes, written originally as “Live Dangerously” several years earlier (probably around 2007) but which, amazingly, managed to find its way onto a rock CD almost ten years later. “Without You” was also adopted for a WildScreW guitar melody and also found its way onto the CD with the title “On My Own” and “Ain't No Such Thing As Too Young” was also the basis for the CD title “Stung!”.
I sang “She’s Like” to a beautiful Thomas Wild guitar melody but, unfortunately in my opinion, the song remained nothing more than a WildScreW ALPHA. At the end of 2018 I decided to enter it into the 2018 Great American Song Contest for judging.
But truthfully, back in 2011, I was cutting my teeth with song lyric writing and none of the many other efforts were to find themselves selected for ALPHAs, although some of the lines and ideas found in these earlier poems are recognizable in later lyrics . Many of my poems from this year were written to loosely fit existing commercial song melodies. There were also a handful of lyrics which were variations on existing, or completely new, lyrics (sometimes a parody in the style of Wierd Al Yankovic) for a popular song.
In hindsight I believe this exercise was a good way to gain experience in song lyric structure and rhyming.
Several of the rhymes were sent to the Great American Song Contest for appraisal and the results can be found later in this book.

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