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Deemed The Greatest Scientific Discovery: The immortal soul is found on the internal DNA structure of human beings. Science ventures into the final mysteries of its very own existence in the apocalyptic thriller, Afterlife...

Humanity is cast upon a tidal surge of immortality as science explores the metaphysical, and the world embraces a unified existence; free of all hatred, crime, and prejudice. But at what cost?

Graced with sense of immortality, the world becomes a brotherhood of man, for all are deemed worthy of eternal life. But as science falters, the world retaliates against its immortal beings.

The epic transcends the mere science fiction, capturing a realistic glimpse of the internal conflicts of humanity.

"...As years passed on, the world was rid of disease and famine, and the technological advancements of scientific research became the focal point of the world’s interest. Everyone searched for the next best thing. Whether it was a mere object, or an elaborate theory of relative existence, everyone slowly became engrossed in the power of knowledge. Science became the new religion, and hence set upon a quest to solve the remaining questions of its modern era, the seemingly unsolvable riddles of existence, the last true mysteries of time and space: In the absolute vastness of the universe, in respect to their natural environment, inclusive of all they were yet unaware, what were they? What was their purpose of being? And where did they come from? But everyone seemed oblivious to the questions which should have been on their minds: Where were they all going? And how was it all going to end?"

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
21 de agosto
A Rare Breed of Horror
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