A Low Carbohydrate Life Style

All Calories Count: A Well-Engineered Weight Loss Diet and Cookbook

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I got rid of my potbelly again.

How was I able to do it? The answer was simple. Eating less, only the right food, and not miss any essential ingredients.

I had to engineer my food intake to eat only the essential nutrients required by my body. I also had to be careful to verify that all essential nutrients were included to avoid any nutrient deficiencies.

How did I do this and still have a life? Eating is one of life pleasures just as desirable as having a trim body and living a long life without health problems. Is it possible to achieve all at the same time? The answer is yes but the method is not intuitive. I had to eat using a combination of my brain, my engineering skills, and my gut to decide what to eat.

Thanks to the advancements of agriculture and food processing, humanity has been able to feed generations of people with high carbohydrate foods that got us where we are but the current solution includes the side effect that old individuals live their last years in sickness.

To increase the chances that I will live a long life in health, I had to adopt a diet defined by science and I had to use engineering analysis to apply nutritional science to real life and process engineering skills to describe how to do it.

The information is readily available in this wonderful age of the internet under the classification of low carb and ketogenic diets, including the Atkins Induction Diet and Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution but there are many other versions available and many contain contrarian positions making the subject confusing.

I had to write a process book with the knowledge I was acquiring resulting in a simple well-engineered diet guaranteed to achieve my weight loss objective, maintain the benefits of a ketogenic state, ensure that all essential nutrients would be included, and give me health in the last third of my life.

I titled the book: "All Calories Count: A Well-Engineered Weight Loss Diet and Cookbook".

Salud, mente y cuerpo
20 de julio
Fernando Urias
Draft2Digital, LLC

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