Andrew Carnegie: The Biography of America’s Most Successful Robber Barron and Business Tycoon

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The 19th century saw an America that was focused on development. Among the men responsible for building the country was one who came to dominate the steel sector. He is sometimes described as a genius and at times as ruthless. Rising from poverty, his hard work, intelligence, and quick wit contributed to his meteoric rise to fame and acquiring unimaginable wealth. By the 20th century, he was one of the richest men in the country. This is the story of Andrew Carnegie.

Born in 1835 in Scotland, he was the son of a handloom weaver. As mechanized looms disrupted the industry, his father's work was made redundant. The family decided to move to America with less than $100. As a young boy, Andrew began working for the Ohio Telegraph Company in Pittsburg where he learned to decipher the morse code just by listening to it.

There, he caught the attention of Thomas Scott who took him under his wings and taught him about business and investing. Soon thereafter, Andrew Carnegie began his business journey and found astronomical success. Come and meet the man who started with literally nothing and used his shrewdness and business-savvy to build one of the largest corporations in the world.

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Andrew Carnegie's early childhood, family life, and educationGrowing up in turbulent times in ScotlandMoving to America with his family with almost no moneyGetting a job at the Ohio Telegraph Company and meeting Thomas ScottLearning about the stock investing and railroad businessesLaunching his own business and outwitting his competitorsFirmly establishing himself as the undisputed King of the steel businessSelling his empire to JP Morgan and delving into philanthropyThe impact he made and the legacy that he left behind….. And much more!

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