Annals of Old Fort Cummings, New Mexico 1867-1868

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"Apaches Incidents in New Mexico; Annals of Old Fort Cummings, New Mexico 1867-1868" by William Thornton Parker M. D. is an eyewitness look at the early history of Fort Cummings, New Mexico. This fort was established to protect the Pony Express riders & emigrants to California on the Texas-California Trail through the Gadsden Purchase of 1854.

William Thornton Parker born 1849 was a doctor, genealogist, and Indian cultural expert who served as a medical officer in the U. S. Army in the American West from the 1860s to the early 1900's. He was stationed at Fort Cummings which was established in 1863. The Fort was situated near Cooke's Springs, the only large supply of fresh water between Mesilla and the Mimbres River for wagons heading to California. Cooke's Springs was located at the eastern mouth of the upper part of Cooke's Canyon, a narrow gap in the Mimbres Mountains. The pass was a dangerous place for travelers who were often ambushed and killed by the Apache as they passed through it. Following the "Bascom Affair", things became worse as the Apache, formerly friendly, destroyed Stage stations, coaches and killed passengers and hundreds of other travelers. Cooke's Pass was a favored location for these ambushes and acquired the name Massacre Canyon.

Parker's short book of 13,000+ words, and approximately 43+ pages at 300 words per page, gives a description of this pivotal fort & early troubles with the Apache Indians mostly due to the mishandling & mistreatment of Cochise's band of Apache by Lieutenant George Bascom. This led to the Apache Wars which lasted about 30 years & cost thousands of settler's lives on both sides of the border.

This inexpensive e-book, now long-out-of print & expensive in its original binding, gives a brief view of some early history of the New Mexico Territory& the reasons for the long struggle known as the Apache Wars.

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