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New Revised Version with additional content.

In 1999, the author went to the island of Patmos, where she received extraordinary insight about the Book of Revelation.

This book is the result of those days along with 12 years of research in the Word of God, and the understanding of the prophetic dimensions of Heaven. During that time the Holy Spirit has refined and developed much of her experience into an eye opening change from conventional interpretations of this book.

The prophetic treasure Jesus revealed to John has been clouded by fear. The book of Revelation is alive and must be discerned from one’s spirit. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ, not the world’s destruction.

The apocalypse was written from Heaven, where there is no time and whose language and thoughts are higher than ours. This is the manual of the kingdom that Jesus Himself left for us to be taught on how to reign with Him here and now.

This is a crucial time for the prophets to speak about this book. God is blessing those who break free from preconceived ideas and concepts. All reformations begin with a new light in order to change future generations on the Earth.

“Every responsible leader in God’s house must, not only read this book, but also study, inquire, and analyze it.”   Apostle Rony Chaves

“The church that goes after a reformation needs to reconsider what it believes, and “why” it believes what it says to believe. Certainly, the book of revelation is one of the most misunderstood among the modern church. We need a new exegesis of this precious material.”  Apostle Fernando Orihuela

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14 de abril
Voice of The Light Ministries
Voice of The Light Ministries

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