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Bi Retreat: Bisexual Erotica (Bisexual Fantasies - Volume 3) For a free spirited woman, having a circle of close female friends is great; having a single best female friend whom you can share all your deepest secrets with, your life's worries with, and even your bisexual side with, is magical.

Two adventurous, bisexual beauties in their late twenties have acquired such a magical relationship, one that their friends and acquaintances describe as the "perfect relationship", in fact. A three day retreat in a rustic retreat in a beautiful wooded area of Oregon provides just the right backdrop to consummate their bisexual relationship; one that has been three years in the making for these sexy and highly compatible bisexual women.

(book excerpt)

“Yeah, that one looks good. It’s just the right amount of snug. I like it.” Kristen said, honestly.

Ann tried on several more of the shirts, as Kristen tried not to outright stare at Ann’s nipples clearly showing through the see through fabric of her bra. Kristen noted how dark Ann’s nipples were and she just wanted to bite at them and make them hard. She squirmed on the bench, pretending to busily fold and neaten up the piles of clothes. As Ann removed the last of the sweaters, her hair got caught in the back clasp and she couldn’t pull it over her head without ripping at her hair. “I could use a little help here, please.” Ann called out.

Kristen looked up and saw Ann’s hair all tangled in some kind of hook. She got up and stood behind Ann, taking a moment to admire Ann’s body in the mirror. “Ok, ok, stop fidgeting. I have to untangle your hair first.” Ann’s arms relaxed and Kristen gently pulled at her hair, unwinding several long pieces from a hook before tugging the sweater off over Ann’s head. “There, you’re free.”

“Thanks!” Ann said to Kristen in the mirror, staring intensely into her eyes.

“What?” Kristen said, as she watched Ann staring back at her in the mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.” Ann turned around and put her arms around Kristen’s shoulders. Her lips were only inches away from Kristen’s, and Ann looked like she was about to say something; instead, she leaned down and kissed Kristen…..softly, and fully, on the mouth. As she pulled back, she noticed Kristen looking at her with big open eyes and her mouth hanging open. “Sorry. I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Kristen replied. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you for the longest time. I just didn’t know how, or where, or when…or……I guess I was waiting for the perfect moment.”

“Well, in that case, this was the perfect moment.” Ann said, smiling.

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