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This book is a no non-sense, hard hitting and factual representation of what close protection is all about. It’s designed and written for close protection teams, bodyguards, security company employees and anyone interested in what close protection is all about and what you need to learn to take it to the next level.
The book is not written with “High Risk” or “Hostile Environments” in mind. Any of you who want to or are thinking of working in the high risk world, taking any advice from any book is not wise and to get to the “Top End” assignments and contracts can take years of training, perseverance, networking and skills development before the right kind of “High Risk” challenge would even be offered to you.
Throughout this book I have used words such as: he, she, guys, BG, the Bodyguard and other general references that normally imply the male gender. This is for ease of writing and not a generalized opinion or statement by the author or the publishers. Any references to gender apply equally to both.
There are certain close protection tactics, especially those used by police, security forces and the military that fall under “Official Secret’s Acts” of several countries. Therefore, there are some tactics, principles and procedures - that have purposely been left out as to not get ourselves into trouble.
The close protection and bodyguarding business is booming – most bodyguarding schools are not able to train people fast enough to meet the ever increasing demand. Average courses teach basic skills. However, the learning curve after the basic courses are completed is complex and intensive.

CP is a thinking man’s job. Only the very best make it to the better paying jobs - Walt Whitman said that “the hardest job on Earth is thinking - that’s why so few people do it”. In every aspect of business, government and the military there are close protection teams at all levels.
It’s the individual bodyguard’s responsibility to learn all the other “soft skills” needed. This is a profession that the learning never stops! When you reach the point where you feel you have learned all there is – it’s time for you to stop and do something else.
Technology and your willingness to learn and discover new things will play a major role in whether or not you make it to the better paying jobs in CP.
It is estimated that in 2018 there were over 4 million bodyguards working at various levels world-wide – with the top 5 percent earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

55 percent of all private sectors, higher paying close protection contracts are for protecting women. Most close protection men have severe problems understanding what makes women tick and therefore lose out on over half of the potential contracts and job opportunities. Learning the skills of protecting female bosses will expand your potential tremendously.

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Michael J. Franklin
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