Demon Hunters

Desires of the Flesh

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In a dark future, the leaders of a dangerous religion desperately search for the key to immortality through ancient, barbaric rituals. Only three men can stop them, if they don’t kill each other first.

Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh

Baku Yumemakura’s masterpiece is a dark, ultra-violent fantasy world set in future Japan.  The wildly popular series has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Psyche Divers are super soldiers born with the innate capacity to plunge into the depths of the human mind, either to make repairs or cause untold damage.  Hosuke Kumon is the most powerful Diver on the planet, confronted by a terrifying challenge.

In the meantime, Senkichi Fuminari is chased by a horrific man-beast, losing half of his hand in a nightmarish battle.  Fuminari escaped with his life, and with it, an unquenchable, twisted lust for revenge.

At Mt. Koya, the Buddhist monument Kukai is stolen.  Hosuke Kumon sets out alongside a master of esoteric Buddhism, Biku, to solve the mystery, but the two uncover demonic secrets that will tear our world apart.

The Psyche Diver Series

The strength of the best-selling Psyche Diver series lies in its eccentric heroes and unabashed willingness to mix explosive action with its own unique brand of historical intrigue.  Baku Yumemakura is a master craftsman of fantastic worlds.

The story revolves around the talents of Hosuke Kumon, a Psyche Diver with the ability to delve into the human mind.  A bureaucratic organization known as the ‘Association’ regulates the activity of the Divers. But there are those that work outside its confines, taking on illicit contracts that cannot be requested through normal channels. Hosuke takes on such a contract and begins to reveal hidden pasts, powerful corporate secrets and terrifying conspiracies.

As he is plunged into the Demon Hunters' universe, he faces up to a cast of memorable, charismatic characters like the bank-robber turned vengeful demon Fuminari Senkichi, the beautiful yet deadly Biku, and the ever-elusive Master Kurogosho.

Lurking behind them all is the mysterious presence of Kukai, one of the central figures of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.

Ficción y literatura
16 de octubre
Mineo Yoneyama

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