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This Science Fiction story is the first effort of a self taught sixty year old High School graduate born in the Ozark Hills of Southern Missouri. (Included is a description of the Phoenix UFO mentioned on an ABC Peter Jennings UFO News Special.)

Dr. Warpenstein is based on my beliefs that there are at least two predominantly competing forces in a today world that demand a reasoned evolution from sciences nano technologies, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering . . . One is terrorism, which is, sadly, too often attached to the great values expressed in religions. Conversely, revolutionary advances coming from great minds of science that could catapult society into a new age of miracles and change . . . We already know what the past holds.

Consider this: At present, it may take only one individual, or a few, to carry a weapon of mass destruction into a modern city and destroy it. Conversely, it may take only one individual, or a few great scientist, to suddenly discover a new revolution that saves the world from certain destruction.

I can see no reasonable alternative for preventing mankinds Jane Goodal-alpha-monkey jungle side of human nature from committing atrocious acts that could pull modern society back into a new age of darkness; accept by accelerating evolution (changing human nature) through the methods of science, and the mind. Modern society may have no choice but to improve the cognitive wiring, and reduce the aggression level, of all human beings on EARTH. The big question will become, how to accomplish it, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

In my story, Dr. Warpenstein attempts to accomplish this goal by OTHER MEANS. In the end, maybe some combination of methods will become necessitous.

I admit that the description to this story is written in a more serious frame than is the story. I merely wanted to express some more serious ideas, but then, I precede to present the story in a some what silly and playful mode of which Ive imagine would be more salable.

Here is a short synopsis of this story:

_____________________________________________________________________________DR. WARPENSTEIN: A low ranking ex-pilot flying missions for the super secret NSA (National Security Agency or popular misnomer NO SUCH AGENCY) is now a truck driver with a hitchhiker girl friend and her son caught up in the malign plans of some government black projects scientist named "Dr. Warpenstein" and his intellectual cohorts plotting to secure the worlds freedoms by exploiting advanced technologies to conduct an unauthorized FIRST STRIKE on its enemies.

By way of a fluke of events the characters are drawn into the stealthy web of Dr. Warpenstein. James Walker, his girl friend, and a belated friend from a UFO society become entangled with the doctor in a quest for revenge and enlightenment. What they discover are the sinister plans of the doctor and his group of scientists to change the world into some numen for peace EVERMORE. They have ideas that attract and hold the promise of an EVERLASTING peace. UTOPIA you say!

One of the doctors own intelligent android creations named FLAT SCREEN, designed to function within perimeters never to harm human beings, becomes a kind of Archimedes Heel to Dr. WARPENSTEINs plans.

Its a counterpoint between Classical Rachmaninoff and Classical Rock, romances and comedy, diabolic and malign; enormous ships called the BIG STAR and LITTLE STAR powered by a Warpenstein Field Drive that goes WARPA, WARPA, maybe with a silent "A. The large ships and intelligent androids covered by FLAT SCREEN and NANO technologies that disappear before your eyes. Hidden PANELS much like those over the headlights on a fancy car transform the superstructure from guardrails and windows, to a smooth VIDEO SCREEN surface. Warrior Red Screen Androids riding Harley-Davidson Classic Sky Bikes. A super intelligent Blue Screen Android named FLAT SCREEN. Special effects like no other.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
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