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“True love never dies, and passion can transcend a 1,000 lifetimes.”-Jane Emery

6 Erotic Tales of Sensual Love in the Afterlife.

1. Taken: Poseidon's Sex Slave

A love so powerful that it can bring the Gods to their knees.

When Zoe Dark Cloud is kidnapped by Poseidon, her husband Sam will travel to hell and back to get her. After finding out that he is the son of the universe, he teams up with Medusa and Hades to find his beloved. With the powers bestowed upon him and love in his heart, he will fight the God of the Seas and reclaim his beautiful wife.

2. A Cuckold Haunting

A spirit board, home renovations, and a horny ghost are the perfect ingredients for the ultimate cuckold.

Todd and Karen have just purchased their dream home- a Queen Anne Victorian. After finding a spirit board while doing renovations, the married couple's curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to have a little fun. The harmless game unleashes a horny ghost that has more than haunting on his dirty mind. The charming spirit has other plans for the sexy wife this Halloween and he wants Todd to watch. Trick or Treat has just gotten naughtier.

3. The xXx Files: Ghost in the Sex Machine

Bizarre events continue to test the skills of the paranormal team of The xXx Files. Detectives Janis Sparrow and Red Burns are given a ghostly case that has them spooked. Who could be leaving bloody messages and dead bodies in their wake?

4. A Love to Die For

Their love had no boundaries, it was a love to die for.

Stephan had finally found the woman of his dreams. He loved her with all his heart and she loved him. They made plans to spend the rest of their lives together even in the afterlife. One day a horrific incident brought their world of love and bliss to a screeching halt, death takes a hold of us all. But when Stephan sees his beloved is being tormented in the spirit realm, he decides that only his love for her can save her soul. What would you do for the love of your life?

5. The Spirit of a Soldier

Strange things happen after a young lady falls in love with a photo of a man in an antique picture frame.

6. Ghost Love

Till death due us part was not a vow in this couple's wedding promise.


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Jane Emery
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