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FORAGINGThe Ultimate Beginners Guide: Discover Everything You Need To Know About Foraging, Wildcrafting, Drying Herbs and Wilderness Survival (Medicinal Herbs, Wild Edible Plants and Berries, Wild Mushrooms)

What a wonderful gift an individual has when they have the capability to forage for wild herbal plants for nutritional usage and medicinal purposes. Even with the simple Dandelion, you are knowledgeable of a plant that contains minerals, healing properties and vitamins. This book can assist anyone who has an interest in bettering their lives through the introduction of wild herbs into their daily lives alongside their healthful benefits. This eBook has been created to bring you the power of health-giving wild medicinal herbs, Wild Edible Plants and Berries, Wild Mushrooms. You will get to know how to forage common medicinal herbs, how to make the most of their healing properties and how to preserve them for later use. The purpose of this book is to announce a new way to increase your vitality by using the earth’s natural bounty.Foraging has been there since the early times. It was a common practice for those who resided outside the city. Food was expensive, thus people would naturally grow different plants around them to curb the problem of costly products.Foraging is essential in helping us to learn the art of being self-sufficient and find interesting food for our consumption. It ignites the psyche and mood of being explorers on a quest. Foraging is a sensory adventure since we have to seek out the object of our quest with the use of our mind, taste, touch, smell and touch. You learn how to connect with your environment with a balanced and deeper approach. Remember the days of childhood when you would excitedly explore out in Nature? The thrill or anxiety of what you may encounter or manage to carry back home! You had to be alert and alive.

As adults, people need to rekindle back the spirit of foraging. It opens the wild world of adventure and fun. The thrill of exploration! The special experience to transform our personal and general lives. In this book, I enlighten to you the beauty of foraging, wilderness survival, wildcrafting, and drying herbs in a natural way that helps your health.

Mingling with others! How sweet! Getting that rare opportunity to gather with others in that fun and unique way. Since humans are social animals, foraging with others contributes towards joy, learning and personal growth. Let’s go! Read on..

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