Forever After Dark Boxed Set Books 1 - 4

Books 1 - 4

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Follow the Brazos family, a group of elemental black panther shifters from Denver as they solve elemental mysteries, conquer age-old foes, face heart-stopping danger in other species of supernatural beings, and ultimately find love. Full of romance, suspense, and gritty drama, this red-hot collection is sure to entertain!


Circe Brazos is notorious. Notoriously hard. Notoriously bad ass. Notoriously alone. And she’s damned happy that way. Don’t give her any complications in her black and white world. 

Circe’s a shifter elemental hybrid. One of the very few who exist. Too often these hybrids do not make it to adulthood. The fact that she and her siblings did has made them uniquely qualified to run the Order of Elementals—a secret group designed to assist elementals, particularly those who share a host with a shifter. 

Long ago, Circe kicked Mae Forrester out of her life. Now Mae’s back, and Circe has to deal with the reasons Mae left. As if that’s not bad enough, a gorgeous hunk of a shifter shows up on her doorstep with a little girl hybrid who desperately needs Circe’s help. Except, Circe didn’t know at the end of the day who needed help more—herself or the young hybrid. 

Lincoln Avila has a damned good reason for hating elementals. They’ve torn everything in his life apart. Now he has to deal with the fact that his niece, his ward, is a hybrid. Thought that was bad, did you, Linc? Here’s bad, for real. Don’t fall in love with Circe, the hybrid elemental bad ass who has no fondness for gray areas or men. The beautiful, notorious, curvy hybrid has found a way to wrap herself around his heart. Convincing her to let love win won’t necessarily be easy. 

That’s okay, Linc’s up for a challenge. He just has no idea the challenge could lead to life or death—his own. 


Twin bear shifters Tyler and Sean O’Reardon need a little help. They’ve got guardianship of a set of twin toddler girls who are hybrid elemental shifters. 

No biggie, right?


The twin girls are throwing tantrums that come in the form of tornadoes and earthquakes.

Order of Elementals agents Camden and Eden Brazos—also twin hybrid elemental shifters—are assigned to Bear Canyon Valley’s mountain range to save the set of toddler twins. 

So, what’s the problem? 

No one told Camden and Eden they were expected to be nannies.

Say it isn’t so. 

Oh, but it is. 

And Camden can bearly—oops, barely!—stop gritting her teeth over this one. Because the bear shifter Tyler is too sexy for his own good. 

What’s next?

Oh, nothing. Except no one’s really sure why two single males are guardians of two toddler girls. 

As far as Tyler and Sean are concerned, they have a good reason for being guardians. And it’s nobody else’s damned business. 

Until the Shifter Council steps in. 

Then questions have to be answered. 

And custody of the twins has to be determined. 

Only problem is… 

The Order of Elementals issued an order against Tyler to keep him from having guardianship of the twins. 

Camden’s getting custody. 

Now Tyler’s pissed. 

Insta-attraction just turned scandalously close to Insta-hate. 


Twin bear shifters Tyler and Sean O’Reardon need a little help. They’ve got guardianship of a set of twin toddler girls who are hybrid elemental shifters. 

Tyler got his happily ever after with Camden Brazos, but things aren’t looking so hot for Sean. 

Actually, they’re looking too hot. Eden’s fire elemental has her sights set on Sean and she wants to make him spontaneously combust into flames—the wrong kinds of flames, by damn. 

Sean and Eden are going to need a little bit of supernatural help to get past this. And Circe’s just the one to overnight it. 

Except, Eden’s got a conscience, and she wants nothing to do with deceiving her elemental. 

Throw in Griz, a couple of wicked witches, a couple of a couple of hot sorcerers, and man-oh-man, have you got some trouble brewing in Bear Canyon Valley. 


Marco Brazos, the only male sibling of a quartet of shifter elementals has a problem. Actually, make that two. 

His first problem, the elemental that resides within him has gone silent. Total and complete silence. 

Second problem? A beautiful witch named Symone who lives on an island that’s off the grid. She’s not just any witch. She’s the witch that runs the southern hemisphere Circle of Witches.

She has no use for shifters but tolerates them. As for elementals, she hates them, with a passion—for good reason. 

Marco’s on her island courtesy of an invitation from her brothers, Jenner and Cedric. He just wants to chill and get in touch with his elemental. He doesn’t need the drama that Symone’s cousin Brigitte brings. He doesn’t need to save an entire community of people. These are not Marco’s problems. 

Except, they are. Wish Marco some luck. This gorgeous hunk of an elemental shifter’s going to need all the help he can get.

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