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Gunfire Samurai is a success story for a small press; thousands of downloads from new readers is like a million. Book #2 is complete (getting a 2nd edit]) and will be available between Jan-March 2018. Some new updates were made to book #1 as well by a new editor.

AN EPIC fantastic serial filled with dazzling twists and turns, deception, treachery, hidden truths, spies, with pulse-pumping danger peppered throughout, leading to a magnificently twisted ending.

The Mikasa Yamakazi Chronicles gets more harrowing with each novel. You'll quickly fall into a savage odyssey in the world of fast-paced fantasy, untested myths and tall tales that is Gunfire Samurai. Think of a high-octane version of The Odyssey. If you love those kinds of tales, you should love Gunfire Samurai, too.

This story has an alternate historical fantasy arc. Most aspects of life are re-imagined; from religion, customs, and government. Nothing is as it should be; a blend of thriller and action/adventure, sword & sorcery - filled with awkward creatures you've never heard of before.
THE MISSION: The Imperial High Council has dispatched a special agent who reports directly to them and the Emperor. An employee of the OCI, Mikasa Yamakazi travels north to rescue a young farm boy and bring him home. And this is where Yamakazi, a battle-tested Samurai, falls into a new world of unknowns that will test his sanity, honor, loyalty, commitment to the Bushido Code and his courage.
AGENT NAME: Mikasa Yamakazi
CLAN: Second of Virgo
POSITIONS: Spy Hunter-Killer, Covert Double Agent, Counterintelligence Operative, Disinformation Officer, Imperial Bodyguard, Samurai 9th Class, Security Analyst, Interrogations Officer, Agent Recruiter, Assassin 1st Class
KNOWN ALIASES: Sarkis, Mayageysha, Lion Heart, Fingers, Old Coonie, Baku Tannenbaum, Nobu the Crownless Prince, Gookan, Doukem, Son of Two Moons, Ultra, *Other aliases Redacted*
AGENCY: O.C.I. at Palace Rose
AGENT CODE NAME: Classified/Withheld
ASSIGNED HANDLER(S): Lord Yamaguchi (Imperial Spymaster), Lord Yuma (Commander of the Imperial Army), Lord Hayato (Imperial Emissary)
OPERATION: God's Wrath by Gunfire Ultra
MISSION PRIORITY #1: Search for, locate, close in and assassinate 21 suspected rebel clan Lords of Lands responsible for releasing Death's Terrible Twin.
MISSION PRIORITY #2: Find and destroy all known Saduats and anyone closely associated with them.
MISSION PRIORITY #3: Infiltrate The Fellowship of the House of the True Religion and gain and report useful intelligence on Death's Terrible Twin.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Man-eater aka The Broken Sword of the Daudane.
IMPERIAL PREROGATIVE (RESTRICTIONS): (a) Agent of the Crown shall be disavowed and labeled as a 'Rogue Samurai' should this mission become enemy knowledge, he's caught and interrogated, or is killed in action. (b) Agent shall not receive state burial should any of the above occur since end-life options have been provided. (c) Shame shall be passed down to three generations of his family upon mission's failure. (c) Agent of the Crown shall travel by night. (d) Agent of the Crown shall use different aliases for every village/province he enters. (e) Agent of the Crown must make targeted assassinations in a clandestine manner. (f) Agent of the Crown should accomplish his mission within one year of the date assigned.
YOUR MISSION: Join Mikasa Yamakazi on his harrowing journey and watch out for enemies in disguise. The fate of the empire hangs in the balance.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
marzo 31
Sean Bela
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