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What this book reveals:
God Almighty needed a trusted vessel – the right body – to channel His salvation plan. After centuries of search, He did settle on Mary, a virgin girl that lived in Galilee, who had the perfect body, the right attitude, and sufficient faith. Undeniably, an imperfect body would have defiled the divine nature of Christ; the wrong attitude would have delayed the salvation plan, and an insufficient faith would have jeopardized the entire plan. When God found the right body, He did not only purify it, but He also filled it with infinite grace.
Indeed, the salvific project required maximum precision; precision that aught to be multimillion times more accurate than sending shuttles into space. Fault tolerance for the salvific mission was zero. Mary was not only part of the plan, but her body, attitude, and faith were critical to the success of the entire mission. While it is true that God prepared Mary she for the role, God respected her freewill and sought her cooperation. Unlike Eve, she cooperated with God and submitted to His will.
While many Christians do not give Mary her pride of place, their disdain does not diminish the unique role she played in the salvific plan. Also, their disdain does not diminish the favors she gained from God and made manifest by her divine maternity. Indeed, Mary is blessed above all women, not because we think, believe, or say so, but because it is so. Indeed, the Mighty One has done great things for her, and holy is His Name.

Pidomson navigates on a very high frequency of spiritual plane. I commend him for this excellent treaties on the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is an area of Christian doctrine that few venture to explore. The author has shown that it is not an impossible task.
– Rev. Fr. Prof. John U. Gangwari, Catholic Institute of West Africa

Pidomson’s revelatory book gives us the enlightened, timeless wisdom of Mariology in a way that helps us to rediscover the original meaning and efficacy of time tested devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He presents his arguments with clarity and simplicity that transcends theological nitpicking. This timeless spiritual message is urgently needed.
– Rev. Mesgr. Livy Boniko, Parish Pastor, Immaculate Heart Parish, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

This book is about the Mother of Jesus who has bequeathed to us the lively example of knowing how to continue prodding God for divine compassion and generosity. Her intervention in John 2 reveals her to be a catalyst to Jesus’ extravagant generosity, both in quantity and quality that kept the wedding party at Cana in Galilee going. These lines beautifully crafted by Dr. Gabriel Pidomson encourages us through the example of Mary to know how to nudge God, asking what God has in mind for our particular challenges even as She intercedes for us saying “They have no wine.”
– Rev. Msgr. Dr. Pius Kii. Faculty of Canon Law, Catholic Institute of West Africa

“Pidomson’s work is a masterpiece. The book will go far to touch so many souls – believing, doubting, and seemingly lost. I thank God for granting me the opportunity to be thinly associated with this divine message/revelation. May God bless him for this divine revelation.”
– Mr. Chris Okonkwo, Editor in Chief, National Network

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