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Table of Contents

Proving your worth in the initial stages
Know Your Place
Whine Whine Whine…
Being Chronically Late
Bottom line for bosses – Getting the Most Out Of Your Employees
Facing A Different Culture
Behavior in Public
Culture Clashes and Prejudices
Vacation Time – I Want My Vacation Now!
Continuous Sick Leave
Volunteering for Extra Work
Job Hopping
Personal Relationships in the Workplace
Trying to Tackle Personal Time during Company Time
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Some days ago, another management professional colleague asked me why I would want to write a book upon how to get ahead in your career, because everybody who was sensible and was professional enough to think about how best he could advance in his career knew the first three basic steps so well loved by every boss – take the long hours, the hard work and the tasks which other people think impossible as a challenge, especially in the beginning of your career.

Within a couple of years, all of this will be a part of your working habits and ethos.

As this book has been written for a global audience. I will take both the Eastern and the Western work traditions, ethics, working conditions and atmospheres into consideration.

Also, there are a large number of factors, and moves which may limit your career, of which you do not know, and have not guessed. So if you do not intend to have your career blow up in a tremendous boom, taking your future along with it, it is time that you start getting serious about how to advance your career, without making any moves which will limit it.

When you read this book, you may say, why it looks like I am talking more about American work cultures, but then as this book is for a global audience, and I am talking of what I speak, American work cultures, French, British, Australian, and Asian work cultures and working environments, I have all of these to compare and to bring to your attention.

Also, you may say that I may have digressed sometimes, on topics, which are according to you, nothing to do with your career, but I am talking about social norms, cultures and traditions in those examples. They are just for general knowledge, and possibly as cautionary tales about things you do not do, especially when you have taken up a job abroad, far away from your own country and in a strange culture away from your own land.

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