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A hugely romantic debut novel about love and destiny. Previously published as Beginner’s Greek and now available as an ebook.

‘Love in the Air’ is set in New York City and tells the story of a young man named Peter Russell and a young woman named Holly Edwards. Peter works for a prestigious financial firm on Wall Street, and Holly teaches Latin at a private girls' school – when they sit next to each other on a plane journey, an intoxicating tale of romance, coincidence and thwarted plans starts to unfold. Other characters include: Jonathan Speedwell, an extremely handsome writer who is also Holly's husband, Peter's best friend and, crucially, a cad; Charlotte Montague, Peter's rather tiresome and pretentious wife; Arthur Beeche, the dignified, formal and very, very rich proprietor of the firm where Peter works; Julia Montague, Charlotte's beautiful, young step-mother and Dick Montague, a successful, vain lawyer who is Charlotte's father.

Take all these characters and throw in miscommunications, letters going astray, adulterous relationships, fiendish behaviour and ultimately an ending in which everyone gets their due… The result is a debut novel that is charming, fresh, clever and beautifully written; a deeply romantic story about the transformative power of love.


‘A story about true love, lost letters, missed opportunities and glorious second chances.' Daily Mail ‘Debut Picks for 2008’

‘James Collins is on home turf when it comes to the secret world of the American aristocracy. He knows these people uncomfortably well. I enjoyed it enormously.’ Julian Fellowes author of ‘Snobs’ and the film ‘Gosford Park’

'James Collins has written a romantic, funny and insightful page turner about love in modern times, missed opportunities and the wheel of fate (with a blow-out!) that is so engaging and real, you will find it impossible to put down.' Adriana Trigiani

‘Insightful and romantic – a must for Richard Curtis fans’ Elle

‘Irresistible’ Stella

About the author

James Collins is an established journalist who writes for the New Yorker, Spy and Time magazine. He lives in New York. This is his first novel.

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junio 27
Harper Perennial

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