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“Making Live Auctions Pay: Explosive Profit From Auctions and E-Commerce Reselling” is the easy-to-follow guide offers detailed and practical advice on successfully buying, consigning and e-commerce reselling of valuables and inventories through live regional auction houses. The edition’s straightforward language introduces little known profit outlets and potential passive income streams and through the lucrative, fast-paced industry of auction buying and selling.

Author Marques Vickers cuts through the traditional misconceptions surrounding auctions and simplifies the process of buying with the purpose of reselling exclusively for profit. ecommerce reselling, sales outlets and resources are explained in detail. Entrepreneurs and selling beginners seeking financial independence and freedom can easily grasp the hidden explosive income and passive goldmine potential auction houses may provide.

The book stresses obstacles that author overcame in learning how to buy and sell knowledgeably. Proven strategies and steps create a blueprint for success for individuals seeking innovative primary and secondary sources of income. Vickers shares his experience and observations directly from the auction floor and behind the computer monitor. His online store Marquis Gallery sells rare books, fine art and collectibles. Auction houses have become a staple source for his operations to acquire inventory for e-commerce and passive income sales outlets.

“Making Auctions Pay” concisely breaks down the elements of how regional auction houses operate. The book simply defines staple auction terms including appraisals, value estimations, bidding options, strategies and increments, previews and advance research, reserves, buyer and seller premiums, warranties, shipping and delivery options. An extensive database of website resources and references is included along with a glossary of relevant auction industry and online usage terms.

The book stresses proven ecommerce sales strategies for reselling auction purchases. Emphasis is concentrated on optimizing selling exposure through major and innovative online ecommerce outlets including eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist and Barter Exchanges as well as direct selling vehicles such as consignment shops and estate liquidation services. eBay and Amazon’s proactive consumer marketing programs are showcased stressing their innovative seller promotional and marketing tools for success. Cultivating positive buyer feedback from even difficult customers is emphasized as critical to longevity and cultivating additional passive income ideas. Other distinctive chapters focus on selling precious metals, their derivative products and fine jewelry.
“Making Auctions Pay,” emphasizes how global Internet exposure, technological advances and easily employed live bidding applications have distinctly changed auctions and live auctioneers. Online bidding has radically expanded the worldwide base of auction participants and opened explosive new income opportunities. Broader participation has also introduced complicated ethical issues involving authenticity, non-paying and shill bidders, shared marketing data, sales tax legislation and collusion.

The book’s clear and practical instruction empowers both novice and seasoned professional to maximize their selling potential. Dynamic opportunities continue to broaden. With the phenomenal television following for programs such as Antique Roadshow, Storage Wars and Pawn Stars, a substantial demand for understanding the hidden potential of auctions already exists. “Making Auctions Pay” is an essential reference book for enabling individuals to expand their financial resources and destiny.

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