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Certainly this man can be anyone in upper-class American society, but he is also unique in his lack of connection to God, deep self, and his community. Predicting how people will turn out after hitting key life crisis points is impossible. Guessing what will be triggered is equally hard. But it is now understood that most mass murderers do so around a time when men would be facing their midlife crises. The Mandalay Bay shooter falls in the bracket of men falling in late life crisis (the full impact of knowing that one is now a senior citizen). It is not an end of life crisis, but it has enough emotional punch to trigger something if there is some underlying emotional time-bomb to trigger. Efforts to minimize such atrocious behaviors can be even more proactive by ensuring that people stay socially connected and in touch with healthy Christian spirituality. American society, like every other human society, also needs to address the root causes of suicide whether it be personal and private or a suicide mission of a psychopath who imagines himself to be "signing out" in a memorable way by murdering many innocent people. People cannot afford to live in fear of the next senior citizen living a very quiet and private life next door because the terror effect is an outright win for the kingdom of darkness (walking in faith and love does not sit well with entertaining a pulverizing fear). There is a spiritual dimension to psycho-emotional wellness and this needs to be taken into serious account too.

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octubre 9
Jonathan Mubanga Mumbi
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