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You know the feeling. You're flying high in the clouds, finally dating someone who seems to 'get' it. He's the polar opposite of all the other f*ckboys who've been messing you around lately... until, inexplicably, he isn't. 

Gone are the messages, the spontaneous appearances at your doorstep, the compliments and the attention. What's left is solid, cold rejection.

Everyone tells you to just 'get over it'. After all: you were kind of dating, but you were never really 'together' now, were you? So you suck it up. You hide your pain from everyone with 'real' problems. You start bullying yourself into believing that you had totally gotten the wrong end of the stick; that this was all somehow your fault anyway. Maybe you even start to think you're a little crazy for being so upset over something so seemingly inconsequential.

But you are not crazy. This has hurt just as much as you think. 

Thing is, this guy has triggered you twice. Firstly, because he has broken your heart. Secondly, because he has come to represent every rejection you've ever faced; every belittling thought you've ever had about yourself.

It's time to clear this mess up, and that's why I wrote The Heartbreak Handbook. 

When I was going through my own heartbreak, I couldn't find anything that really understood where I was coming from. There was nothing talking about the break down of 'situtationships', that modern, non-committal phenomenon. Nothing talking about how hard it is to deal when every social media app tells you whether or not he's bothered to read your message. There was nothing that acknowledged quite how much I was hurting, even in this hellish, undefined limbo.

So if you are going through a break-up and wondering how to finally get over the guy that left you heartbroken, here it is.

The Heartbreak Handbook is arranged as a series of vignettes. Each one speaks to a different facet of the process of getting over somebody, and the many realisations I had along the way.

Among many other thoughts and suggestions, it includes:

- Why 'situationships' really suck
- Why it's OK to acknowledge how much pain you're in
- What to do when they get in touch with you (and when you're desperate to reach out to them)
- How to stop blaming yourself
- Knowing that you need to create your own closure 
- Why this was never really about them so much as it was about you
- How to finally let them go and move on with your life 

There's so much more included in the book; take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the reviews below.

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