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All You Need to Understand the Fundamentals of Music Theory and Unlock Your Music Potential! 

Are you struggling to learn about notes, scales, chords, keys, and other critical elements of music theory? 

Do you get overwhelmed by all the complex concepts and want a book that is simple and clear? 

Do you want a guide that will teach you and test you at the same time? 

If so, “Music Theory: For Beginners - The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Music Fundamentals and the Elements of Written Music Today” by Preston Hoffman is THE book for you! 

It will provide you with seven key exercises that will help deepen your understanding of music theory! 

Learning music theory is very important for any musician who wants to read and write music. The concepts that are taught in music theory form the foundation for gaining a better understanding of music. 

Whether you are already playing or you want to play, learning music theory will give you greater confidence to take your musical ability to the next level. Music theory allows you to build your own vocabulary of chords so that you don’t have to rely on memorization to play music. You will be able to appreciate and understand any musical sound that you feel drawn to. 

What makes this book unique?

What makes this book different from the rest is the way the different concepts of music theory have been approached. Most other books infuse a lot of complex concepts together with the fundamentals. This can leave a music beginner confused and frustrated. However, this book provides you with the only seven exercises you need to learn to master the basic elements of written music. Each chapter of this guide teaches a different key element of music and then tests your knowledge of what you have learned. This is done is a step-by-step manner so that you form a foundation and then build upon it as you move deeper into the book.

You will learn the following:

A brief history of music
Why learning music theory is so important
How to write and arrange music notes
How to build chords and triads
How to create rhythm, melody, and harmony
Creating musical intervals
How to form music scales
How to read key signatures and the circle of fifths
And much more!

You have made an excellent decision by taking up the opportunity to invest in this music guide. So don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and also purchase your copy today. 

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