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Without any fear of being misconstrued, I can say that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is one of the commonest and most misdiagnosed brain disorders in recent times. Yes, though it is a medical condition that requires great understanding from family members of sufferers. 

But the truth is that, many of these sufferers are undergoing a lot of stress due to the fact that their family members… including the people closest to them, do not understand! 

As a matter of fact, in most cases they have little or no information about the neurological barrier resulting from this medical condition. 

Hence, the need to take time to get and study all the information one can get about ADD is so crucial to say the least. And particularly so, as we are even looking at the impact of the condition on children who are of school age that in most cases cannot understand what is going on with them! 

Besides that, it’s so necessary to gather and study all these information about ADD because of the simple reason that having the right knowledge will make it easy for you and me to identify persons with the condition and be able to treat them with respect instead of just lashing out at them. 

So, in the light of this, this book seeks to introduce you to valuable information about ADD like the signs and symptoms of this brain disorder, the method of diagnosis and various means of treating this condition, including helping you to understand the disposition of people, particularly children, affected by ADD. 

Okay! You need to also understand that ADD is sometimes referred to as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, though, this is a variation of ADD but, both ADD and ADHD can be used interchangeably as we journey on in our study of this medical condition. 

So, exactly what is this medical condition all about? Well, it has to do with the ability not to be able to concentrate for a long time, in other words, sufferers have limited attention span and this usually last for a long period of time because it is tied to neurological disorder. 

By the way, before we forget, it’s important we know that neurological disorder is a form of nervous (brain related) illness. 

In fact, ADD is revealed in several forms like motor restlessness and impulsiveness, which can be seen in sufferers and medical research has even shown that about 4.4% of adults possess some amount of ADD so; it is not limited to children alone. 

Well, there you have it... a brief run down, but I need you to get a copy now and access the full details of the condition and more importantly, the tips that will assist you to help your child overcome the challenge of the condition by applying the tips elucidated in this book!

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