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“Marketing Your Self-Published Book: An Independent Author’s Guide To Marketing and Exposure” is a concise reference guide for authors to market their independently published paperbacks and electronic books. The book offers valuable tips to maximize the expanding sales capabilities of the Internet. This edition details important exposure strategies, existing and emerging sales opportunities and valuable promotional outlets. Nearly 300 useful reference websites are provided to enhance social media strategies, website design, revenue outlets, email marketing, soliciting book reviews and media coverage.

“Marketing Your Self-Published Book” stresses a current transformation supplanting the traditional publishing industry. Fresh and innovative creative and revenue opportunities are emerging for entrepreneurial savvy authors, writers, and journalists. The guide stresses the importance and urgency of cultivating a vibrant social media presence via active postings and participation with content, social networking and weblog websites. These activities supplement an author website with videos, feedback capabilities and resources to cultivate new and return buyers. The book stresses the importance of personalization and a writer’s online articulation of their creative vision.

Practical advice and supplementary consulting sources are offered on every aspect of website design, effective promoting through media exposure, email marketing and the cultivation of a potential and existing client base to establish long-term sustainability.

Chapter #1: The Essential Economics of the Publishing Industry
Evaluating the Financial Realities Behind a Traditional Publishing Contract
The Changing Economic Landscape for Publishers
Substantive Reasons For Self-Publishing
The Precarious Future Facing Traditional Publishing Outlets
Online Reading Habits
Printed Media Versus Electronic Media
Creating An Environment of Success and Self-Determination

Chapter #2: A Fresh Dependency and Integration of Social Media
Maximizing Social Media Reach
The Importance of Hashtags as Reference Beacons
How to Personalize Social Media
The Categories of Social Media Best Suited For Authors
Automating All of Your Social Media Outlets Together

Chapter #3: A Writer’s Website
Attractive Packaging
Your Role in Creating The Design Concept
Designing and Personalizing Your Own Website
Evaluating Your Website Host
Memorable Domain Name
Clarity of Vision
Make Your Site Simple to Navigate
How The Cellular Phone and Tablets Affect Website Layouts

Chapter #4: Drawing Traffic To Your Social Media Pages and Website
Qualifying Your Website Viewers
Search Engines and Indexes
Where and How Often Should You Submit Your Website Pages
Buying Traffic and Ad Words Programs
Electronic Magazines and Weblogs

Chapter #5: Soliciting Book Reviews
Print Media Book Editors
Seeking Out Diverse Coverage and Reviews
How to follow-up with Media Interest

Chapter #6: Cultivating Media Exposure and Email Marketing
Strategies For Sending Out Press Releases
Bulk Email Press Releases
Specific Media Submission Guidelines
Purchasing Mailing and Media Contact Lists
Additional Review Outlets and Their Cumulative Effect

Chapter #7: Cultivating Revenue Streams
Amazon Publishing
Keyword Adverting Programs
Bidding For Placement
Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Google Play Books
Pre-Printing Books For Resale

Reference Category Listings
Amazon Related Resources, Author Industry Mailing List Services, Automated Social Media Marketing, Bulk Email Services, Content Community, Currency Converters, Digital and Video Imaging Software,
Domain Name Brokers & Registration Services, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Social Networking Websites, News Media Search Engine Submission Sources, Pay Per Click Traffic, Press Release Services, Search Engines, Self-Publishing Outlets, Weblogs, Website Design Software and Related Services.

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