Quarantine Rejuvenate Me

A Journey from Negativity to Positivity

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    • $ 10.900,00

Descripción editorial

Covid -19 is called a death sentence, but is that true?

What happens to a mother of two small kids, when she gets the news that she has tested positive for this life-threatening disease? How did she react to the news? What did she do next to save herselfÖ and her family too?

She finds herself in a small room, struggling to cope with her feelings. She felt lost, lonely, misunderstood, tired of the pain and suffering, depressed and anxiousÖ and overcome with negativity.She doesnít know where to find hope and how to heal herself physically, mentally and emotionally.

She realised that a dull pencil is better than an idle mind. So she begins to write the pages of her own life, inside the closed room, continuously during the 26 days of isolation. This book is about a real-life situation and with beautiful visual images of what motivation can look like when one is faced with extreme adversity.

This book focuses on how every middle-class woman feels in relationships, but couldnít admit it. It will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions from being negative to being positive. It will also guide you and help you to move on with adverse situations. While reading this book, you will relate to it and see the story of your own life in it.

So, in this world of complicated relationships, will she able to rediscover herself and come out stronger, more determinedand with a new philosophy of life or will she lose herself and vanish forever?

Salud, mente y cuerpo
29 de diciembre
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