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The Guilt of The Wealthy is the fist book in the new novella series by best-selling author, Matt Zachary. 

Billy Markstock is the son of an influential judge.  He has the best of everything, including a girlfriend who's the head cheerleader.  With only a few weeks left of school, Billy receives news that he is failing a class and, unless he works with a tutor, may not be able to graduate. 

Against his will, Billy agrees to be tutored, less so that he'll pass the class and more so that he can go on the class' Senior Trip.  As he spends time with Stuart, his tutor, Billy's mind is opened up to many new things...things that completely change his outlook on life and what's important.  Through these revelations, he finds humility, appreciation, courage and even love....

This book is a novella of approximately 16,000 words.

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