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The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ is a gospel harmony and exposition of the four gospels from two days before Christ’s final Passover celebration through his Ascension into heaven.

The gospel harmony is in the form of a combined narrative, using my translations of the four gospels. The harmony combines Matthew 26:1–28:20; Mark 14:1–16:20; Luke 22:1–24:53; and John 12:1–21:25 into a continuous, chronologically arranged narrative of the events and discourses. The exposition is based on my published commentaries on Matthew, Mark, and John, plus Luke’s contribution to the gospel narratives, presenting a detailed explanation of the scriptures in the harmony.

Combining the Scriptures into a continuous narrative at once reveals the agreement of the gospels. The authenticity, accuracy, and credibility of the four reports of the life of Christ is demonstrated. Many issues are resolved and insights gained. Among these are the Passover problem in John 18:28, Peter’s two sets of three denials, and Christ’s two scourgings by Pilate. Mark 16:9–20 is shown to harmonize with the reports of the other gospels. The problem of the supper at Bethany, reported on different days by John and the Synoptics, is resolved. A discussion of the relationship between ancient and modern days and dates precede the harmony, and two appendices discuss Peter’s denials and Mark’s ending.

The harmony and exposition are structured in a day by day format, from Nisan 13 to Iyar 27 (April 1–May 17, AD 33). Every event and every discourse is included in the harmony and explained in the exposition. The Bible student will gain a new appreciation of the Person and work of Jesus the Christ.

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James D. Quiggle
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