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The Works of Samuel Johnson - Volume V

Samuel Johnson, english writer who made lasting contributions to English literature as a poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer (1709-1784)

This ebook presents «The Works of Samuel Johnson - Volume V», from Samuel Johnson. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Dedication

- Preface To The English Dictionary

- Advertisement To The Fourth Edition Of The English Dictionary

- Preface To The Octavo Edition Of The English Dictionary

- Miscellaneous Observations On The Tragedy Of Macbeth

- Proposals For Printing The Dramatick Works Of William Shakespeare

- Preface To Shakespeare

- Pope

- General Observations On The Plays Of Shakespeare

- An Essay On The Origin And Importance Of Small Tracts And Fugitive Pieces

- Preface To The Catalogue Of The Harleian Library, Vol. Iii

- A View Of The Controversy Between Mons. Crousaz And Mr. Warburton

- Preliminary Discourse To The London Chronicle

- Introduction To The World Displayed

- The Preface To The Preceptor, Containing A General Plan Of Education

- Preface To Rolt's Dictionary

- Preface To The Translation Of Father Lobo's Voyage To Abyssinia

- An Essay On Epitaphs

- Paradise Lost

- A Letter To The Reverend Mr. Douglas, Occasioned By His Vindication Of Milton

- Testimonies Concerning Mr. Lauder

- An Account Of An Attempt To Ascertain The Longitude

- Considerations On The Plans Offered For The Construction Of Blackfriars Bridge

- Some Thoughts On Agriculture, Both Ancient And Modern

- Preface To The Gentleman's Magazine,1738

- An Appeal To The Publick

- Proposals For Printing, By Subscription, Essays In Verse And Prose

- Preface To The Literary Magazine, 1756

- A Dissertation Upon The Greek Comedy, Translated From Brumoy

- A Dissertation

- General Conclusion To Brumoy's Greek Theatre

- Preface To New Tables Of Interest

- Thoughts On The Coronation Of His Present Majesty, King George The Third

- Preface To The Artists' Catalogue, For 1762

- Opinions On Questions Of Law

- Considerations On The Case Of Dr. Trapp's Sermons

- On School Chastisement

- Vitious Intromission

- On Pulpit Censure

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