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Variants and Analogues of some of the Tales in the Supplemental Nights- Volume 1

William Alexander Clouston, 19th century British folklorist (1843-1896)

This ebook presents «Variants and Analogues of some of the Tales in the Supplemental Nights- Volume 1», from William Alexander Clouston. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- The Sleeper And The Waker

- The Ten Wazirs Or, The History Of King Ázádbakht And His Son

- Story Of King Dadbin And His Wazirs

- Story Of Aylan Shah And Abú Tammám

- Story Of King Sulayman Shah And His Niece

- Firuz And His Wife

- King Shah Bakht And His Wazir Al Rahwan

- The Art Of Engarging Pearls

- The Singer And The Druggist

- Persian Version

- Ser Giovanni's Version

- Straparola's Version

- The King Who Kenned The Quintessence Of Things

- Indian Version

- Siberian Version

- Hungarian Version

- Turkish Analogue

- The Prince Who Fell In Love With The Picture

- The Fuller, His Wife, And The Trooper

- Tale Of The Simpleton Husband

- Tale Of The Three Men And Our Lord Isa

- The Melancholist And The Sharper

- Italian Version

- Tale Of The Devout Woman Accused Of Lewdness

- The Weaver Who Became A Leach By Order Of His Wife

- Story Of The King Who Lost Kingdom, Wife And Wealth

- Kashmiri Version

- Panjabi Version

- Tibetan Version

- Legend Of St. Eustache

- Old English Gesta Version

- Romance Of Sir Isumbras

- Al-malik Al-zahir And The Sixteen Captains Of Police

- The Thief's Tale

- The Ninth Constable's Story

- The Fifteenth Constable's Story

- Tale Of The Damsel Tohfat Al-kulub

- Women's Wiles

- Nur Al-din And The Damsel Sitt Al-milah

- Tale Of King Ins Bin Kays And His Daughter

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