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Become A Powerful Women Weight Lifter And Get That Sexy Body Today!

You have probably heard by now of the many benefits of having more of your body being composed of muscle mass. And yet, I'd venture to guess you still don't know the half of it! If you're a woman, thirty percent of your body is made up of muscle mass; for men, it's around forty. The bottom line is, we all want more muscle! Muscle gives us that long and lean appearance-with nicely shaped muscles. Muscular people are viewed as healthy people. Obviously, they are also stronger. Too much fat can lead to all kinds of health problems, not to mention all the clothes you have that you can't wear!

There are many, many reasons to desire to build more muscle, but I'll give you the one that is at the top of the list for me: muscle burns fat. That's right! Muscle burns fat not only when you're in the gym or somewhere else, hitting the weights, or doing body resistance training, it does so when you're at rest. That is correct. Muscle eats away at fat while you're lolling on the sofa watching that Sunday afternoon football game.

This is why we love muscle!

In This Book You Will Learn: 

✓ 5 Reasons why most people fail to get bigger

✓ 10 Rules to increase your muscle mass

✓ How to actually build lean muscles

✓ Tips to keep making gains

✓ Weekly training schedule (Monday - Friday)

✓ The harder you work, the greater the success

✓ You don't need perfection-you need effort

✓ Transformation Happens One Day at a Time

✓ Find Your Motivation

✓ Remind Yourself Why You are Eating Healthily

✓ Keep Yourself Accountable

✓ Remember Your Moderation

✓ Eat Several Times Per Day

✓ Fill Up on Protein

✓ Daily mass gym program

✓ How Muscle is Built

Types of Workout Include:

✓ The Classic Push-Up

✓ Chair-Dips

✓ Diamond Push-Ups

✓ The Core

✓ Plank

✓ Reverse Crunch

✓ Mountain Climber

✓ The Lunge

✓ How To Put it all Together

✓ Chapter 1: Meal Planning 101

✓ Avoid Recipes that Call for a Special Ingredient

✓ Eat What You Enjoy


Let's Get You To Your Goals ASAP!

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