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Bake at the next level with your bread machine by making all the different types of bread you usually see at the baker, even the most "exotic" ones it DOESN'T SELL!

You go pretty much every day at the bakery. You're in love with the bread's scent and you're so proud that you and your family nourish yourself with fresh bread instead of the packaged one...

...but it is so expensive and also you hate not having total control over the ingredients ("How much sugar is in it?", "Is it organic or not?").

For all of these reasons, you had come up with the idea of buying a bread machine.

But most of all, you have always loved baking since you were a little girl, pretending that your toy-oven was a real one.

Now, your bread machine is becoming your home best friend: it kneads and cooks for you while you do your housework, look after your children, take a relaxing bath for yourself...

All you have to do is...

1. Measure and place your ingredients in the bread maker

2. Program the bread maker cycle

3. Let the machine do its magic

How easy is that? NO BRAIN.

Throughout this guidebook you'll find out how to make all your favourite types of bread following this no brain 3-steps procedure!

Also you'll find:
How to easily avoid the most common bread making issues even if you are a newbie with the bread machine (no rise, too much rise, crust too thick, crust too dark, gummy bread and more)How to better your health and your family's by having total control over the bread's ingredients. You can choose to make a 100% organic loaf!How much money the bread machine allows you to put aside every year (we did the math for you, and it came out a huge amount of money!)How to easily make the perfect hand-off pizza dough with your trusted bread machine
Bring the smell of the baker straight at your home:

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9 de marzo
Gordon Ripert
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