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Five years ago, Detective Tim OBannon, NYPD, was shot during a robbery. He died on the way to the operating room. Thirty-six minutes later, he woke up as they rolled him into the morgue. Since the bureaucracy didnt know where to assign a dead detective, he was retired on full pension. He felt pretty bummed out until his brothers convinced him to go private. He takes an office above his brothers bar and grille. It is located between the office of Samantha Smith, a beautiful attorney, and Jake Goldstein, a very interesting forensic psychologist. That was the beginning of Unusual Investigations.

She woke up in a hospital. She had bandages on her face, and her mind was a blank slate. The name on her chart was Mary Hill, but it didnt sound familiar. She knew she was American, she knew who the president was, but she knew nothing about Mary Hill. Doctor Connors told her that her mother and father died in a plane crash the same weekend of her assault in Maine. She was the only heir to a billion-dollar company, Hill Pharmaceuticals. A nice-looking man came to see her and said he was her husband. He talked and talked about who she was and their relationship. When the doctor shooed him out, she said, Theres no way I would have married that guy.

When she asked for help, her pastor, Father Duffy, suggested Unusual Investigations.

Tim OBannon travels from Glen Cove, Long Island, to Bangor, Maine; from Washington, DC, to Camp David. He meets with the Secret Service, with terrorists and other assorted bad guys. He learns more about the secret work of Hill Pharmaceuticals than he ever wanted to know.

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