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Why is the church of today so different than what we read in the Bible? Why aren't there any real miracles today like there were back then? Why is the world in such a horrible state and why isn't America leading the way to make it better the way we used to?
The answers to these and many questions like it are not just in the Bible but all of these problems were foretold throughout the New Testament scriptures. We were forewarned to expect these things and told not just how to avoid them but how to deal with them when they arise. The real problem is that nobody in the American church is looking for the answers because Americans by and large have no interest in solving these problems.
This book is all about the problems in both our modern world and our modern church and throughout it I hope to take you along on a journey of discovery to find the truths that we aren't being taught and why they aren't being talked about in our churches. Everyone is pointing to the governments, the devil and even the people as being the root of a myriad of troubles we face today but the simple and painful truth is that the church is responsible for many of them but the good news is that the church also holds the keys to solving them. All that mature Christians need to do is open their Bibles and read it for themselves.
We have looked to our pulpits for centuries to give us the answers to our questions and solutions to our problems but is that where the Bible tells us we should be looking? The pulpits of the western church have a lot to say about a lot of things but are they really saying what we need to hear? Are the clergy really speaking for God the way the first apostles spoke to the primitive church or are they telling us what they think we want to hear. The truth is out there beloved and all we need to do is look for it. The problem is that we have not ever been taught how to find it on our own and we have been forced into dependency on a system that only serves itself.
What's In Your Pulpit? More importantly, what's coming out of your pulpit? Most Christians are likely to find much of what is presented here disturbing and unnerving that will cause them a good deal of discomfort, but everything in this book is backed up by history and completely proven in scripture using proper translation and application techniques that you will learn along the way. There is no new revelation or some uncovering of ancient scriptural truths that have been hidden away and there are no conspiracy theories presented here. Everything you are about to read comes straight from our history and directly from the scriptures in context with no sleight of hand and no funny business or profit motivated agendas, just pure unadulterated truth straight out of the books.
The American church has seen every flavor of fad and feel good doctrine come and go but they have all left their marks of false teachings, bad ideas, corrupt concepts and every gimmick imaginable and we are left with nothing resembling Christ's vision of His ideal bride.
This book is written to all those folks out there who feel like I have felt that there has just got to be more to being a Christian than what we are experiencing in the American church today. Well brothers and sisters I'm here to tell you that there is a lot more to life in the kingdom of God than the bill of goods we are being sold today and if you can stick with me all the way through till the end you will find along the way that it’s is at your fingertips. Just reach out a take it.

Religión y espiritualidad
junio 8
Mark Paul
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